Type has a body...Just like you!

Learn about letterforms and typefaces

Just like your body, each letterform has a structure. Some have arms, a neck, a shoulder or an eye. Each of these letterforms belong to a typeface family with their own characteristics, such as size, shape and form.

Come with Minnie and Ivan on a journey of letterforms and typefaces and see how they relate to the body, and the many different families they belong to.

type has a body


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Additional Resources

To extend the use of this book in the classroom, I have created an educational resource with engaging activities that is bound to get kids thinking!
Suitable for Grades 3-6, Junior Secondary School levels and Graphic Design students.

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CBCA Reading Time review and interview: https://readingtime.com.au/type-has-a-body-just-like-you/

This is a brilliant visual method for introducing children to the anatomy of letterforms and relating their often unusual names to familiar parts of the body. The memorable imagery and concepts would have certainly made a lasting impression on my younger self!

Jamie Clarke, Lettering and Type designer, UK, jamieclarketype.com

Typography is at the centre of language, and this book makes typography fun for children. Children with good language skills go on to become successful adults, so I have no doubt this book will make a positive contribution to children’s literature.

Wayne Thompson, Director of the Australian Type Foundry, atf.com.au

This book will inform and entertain children of all ages, giving them an insight into a range of fonts, their names and characteristics.
Type has a Body...Just like you! is visually appealing and plays beautifully with language through the use of alliteration and rhyme. 

Dr. Martina Tassone, Initial Teacher Educator, Australia